FAIR News: Compelled Speech at School

November 25th, 2021

Compelled Speech at Franklin Community Schools

On November 11th a user submitted an incident report regarding Franklin Community Schools in Indiana through our FAIR Transparency website. According to that report, at least two teachers at Franklin Middle School gave students “get to know you” forms at the beginning of the school year. These forms required students to declare their pronouns.

FAIR notified the district that this practice constitutes compelled speech, potentially violates students' religious rights, and risks “outing” students who do not wish to reveal their gender identity information.

In response to this report, FAIR has sent a letter notifying Franklin Community Schools that their policies violate their students’ rights, and to issue a detailed response to our inquiry as soon as possible.

Read the incident report on our FAIR Community forum here.

‘The Discussion’ with FAIR Advisor Inaya Folarin Iman

Beginning this Saturday, November 27th from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, FAIR Advisor Inaya Folarin Iman will be hosting a new show on GB News called The Discussion, where she will explore challenging ideas on the topics of culture and politics with a wide range of thought-provoking guests.

Watch the new show live here.

Call for Submissions

Yesterday, we published a wonderful essay by a member of our community, Dr. Ye Zhang Pogue, reflecting on the practice of creating racial “affinity groups” on school campuses as an Asian woman who grew up in China and migrated to America in her 20s.

Instead of a place to heal from purported trauma, Pogue believes such groups may actually foster greater racial anxiety and animus between groups. Instead of racial affinity groups, Pogue calls for the creation of “common humanity” groups, where “we focus on our ability to empathize, care for, and understand each other, even when we find it challenging.”

Dr. Pogue’s essay is a perfect example of the kind of personal and intimate pro-human stories we love to platform.

If you would like to submit your writing to our Substack, please check out our submission guidelines at the bottom of our “About” page here.

We hope to hear from you!

FAIR News Weekly Podcast

Are you short on time and want a way to consume our FAIR News newsletter and FAIR Weekly Roundup content on the go? Well you’re in luck, because we have just launched our new podcast FAIR News Weekly

FAIR News Weekly is the audio version of our regular FAIR News newsletter and FAIR Weekly Roundup. Episodes run approximately 15 minutes long, and will bring you up-to-date on the latest FAIR-related news and events, as well as provide summaries of select articles written by FAIR Advisors and other leading voices in the pro-human movement. 

Listen and subscribe to FAIR News Weekly here.

How Cognitive Biases Affect Our Thinking

In our latest video, FAIR Advisor Daryl Davis and psychotherapist Christine Sefein walk us through several common cognitive biases that influence our perceptions of one another.

“Cognitive bias” is what happens when we make inaccurate judgements based on…mental shortcuts. Bias can lead to bad decision-making, and flattening other people into stereotypes, rather then seeing each person we interact with as a unique individual.

Some of the cognitive biases discussed in the video are the fundamental attribution error, the hostile attribution bias, and the confirmation bias.

Cognitive biases are part of being human. Mental shortcuts allow us to function in a complex world and ensure our safety and survival. But in some situations they misfire and cause us to simplify the world in an inaccurate way. But with conscious effort, we can work to overcome them.

Parental Rights Webinar

Last week, FAIR Advisor Maud Maron and a panel of experts discussed current parents’ rights issues in public and private schools.

Some of the questions that were addressed are:

  • What rights do parents have when advocating for their children?

  • What can parents do to effect change in schools?

  • What happens when parents speak up? 

Panelists include former Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and Deputy General Counsel in the US Department of Education Candice Jackson, co-founder and co-president of PLACE NYC and FAIR Advisor Yiatin Chu, and president of Social Impact Strategies Mona Davids. The discussion will be moderated by FAIR Advisor and Vice-President of PLACE NYC Maud Maron.

NEW: FAIR Oregon Zoom with FAIR Founder Bion Bartning

On Thursday, December 2nd from 7:00pm to 8:00pm PT, FAIR Founder Bion Bartning will be meeting with FAIR Oregon for their next Zoom Exchange. Bion will be discussing his goals for FAIR and how to create a common culture of fairness, understanding, and humanity throughout Oregon.

Attendees will also learn about FAIR Action Campaigns that will be launching in Oregon in the coming weeks. Come with questions ready!

Join the Zoom Exchange here.

NEW: Be Pro-Human with Jessie Enloe

On Wednesday, December 1st from 6:00pm to 9:00pm MST, Liberty On The Rocks will be hosting FAIR’s Jessie Enloe and local FAIR Colorado chapter leaders to discuss what it means to be pro-human. This in-person event will provide you with the opportunity to meet local leaders and learn more about their efforts in Colorado communities.

So join FAIR and other freethinkers to learn more about how you can advance civil rights and liberties for all Americans while promoting a common culture based on fairness, understanding, and humanity!

FAIR Illinois Holiday Party and Book Signing with Dr. Jason Hill

Join FAIR Illinois for a holiday party and book signing with FAIR Advisor and DePaul University Professor Dr. Jason Hill to celebrate his new book What Do White Americans Owe Black People? Racial Justice in the Age of Post-Oppression.

Ted Dabrowski from New Trier Neighbors and Wirepoints will lead a wide ranging conversation and Q&A with Dr. Hill about his new book and today's most pressing cultural issues. 

COVID restrictions: Masks are required at Writer's Theatre unless eating and drinking. Space is limited, so please register here.

Questions? Contact Carrie Mendoza at carrie.mendoza@fairforall.org

FAIR Educator Alliance

Teachers often feel isolated and alone in their schools, but FAIR is here for you! We will be holding weekly informal “happy hours” to share experiences and concerns and work on developing resources just for teachers. We’ll also be holding more formal monthly meetings to address issues based on your needs and interests.

For more information, contact Brian Kors at brian.kors@fairforall.org

Grassroots Training Workshops

Are you ready to be an effective advocate for pro-human values in your community? You know in your heart of hearts our common culture of fairness, understanding, and humanity requires you to be civically engaged and actively organizing and advocating in your community.

But how do you get started?

We’ve got you covered with the FAIR Grassroots Leader Training series.

Register to learn practical tools for organizing your community, how to be a more effective advocate, and ways to create positive, bottom-up change in our culture and country. The sessions include:

Grassroots Leader Session 1 | Bottom-Up Organizing

Grassroots Leader Session 2 | Finding Your Place At FAIR

Grassroots Leader Session 3 | Organizing Your Organizing

Public Speaking Training | Keeping Your Audience Captivated

Register now for the next Grassroots Leader Training series.

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