FAIR News: FAIR Featured in CBS Documentary

November 11th, 2021

CBS Documentary Featuring FAIR Founder Bion Bartning and FAIR Advisor John McWhorter

Last week, a new CBS News Originals' Reverb documentary titled “The Trials of Critical Race Theory” featured FAIR Founder Bion Bartning along with FAIR Advisor John McWhorter that highlighted the backlash to so-called “critical race theory” in schools and the impact on students and teachers.

Watch clips and find a link to the full CBS News documentary on the FAIR Community forum here.

FAIR News Weekly Podcast

Are you short on time and want a way to consume our FAIR News newsletter and FAIR Weekly Roundup content on the go? Well you’re in luck, because we have just launched our new podcast FAIR News Weekly

FAIR News Weekly is the audio version of our regular FAIR News newsletter and FAIR Weekly Roundup. Episodes run approximately 15 minutes long, and will bring you up-to-date on the latest FAIR-related news and events, as well as provide summaries of select articles written by FAIR Advisors and other leading voices in the pro-human movement. 

Listen and subscribe to FAIR News Weekly here.

FAIR in Technology

FAIR in Technology has officially launched! 

Work in the tech field? Then this new space on the FAIR Community page is for you! 

Whether you're a programmer, in security, or sales, you're welcome in the FAIR tech space to discuss the unique challenges you face working in a field that has become a cultural flashpoint. FAIR in Technology has been created for people working in the tech sector to foster meaningful discussions on topics related to tech, DEI, free speech, and censorship.

If you're interested in joining the space please email your FAIR Community username to chapter-support@fairforall.org

Call for Submissions

Our new Substack, Fair for All, is off to a strong start. We have featured several interesting articles that exemplify pro-human values, and there's much more to come!

But while we love bringing you content from your favorite authors and intellectuals, more than anything we would like Fair for All to be a platform for you—the parent, the worker, the student—to tell your story. 

So, if you have a pro-human story to tell, or have first-hand experience with intolerant ideologies being promoted in your schools and workplaces, we encourage you to write about it for us so that we can share it with our wide and supportive audience.

Please email your story to submissions@fairforall.org and our team of editors will closely evaluate every submission. 

The University of Austin

This week, the creation of the University of Austin—a new university “dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth”—has been announced. Although FAIR is not affiliated with the University of Austin in any way, seven members of FAIR’s Board of Advisors have signed on as either trustees (Bari Weiss and Niall Ferguson), board members (Glenn Loury, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Steven Pinker, and Andrew Sullivan), or founding faculty fellows (Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Peter Boghossian). 

FAIR wishes the University of Austin the best of luck in their endeavor to become a bastion of free thought and viewpoint diversity in the pursuit of truth.

Learn more about the University of Austin here.

FAIRstory Video Series: History of Slavery

The FAIRstory Curriculum is a fact-based approach to teaching students about racism that exposes students to the histories, experiences, struggles, accomplishments, and contributions from Americans of diverse backgrounds. 

This week, we have released the first of a 3-part video series on the history of slavery titled “The Blight of Slavery Throughout Civilization.” This video discusses the deeply immoral practice of slavery as it occurred throughout history all over the world. Subsequent videos will address the history of slavery in the United States, as well as slavery that persists to this day.

View the first “History of Slavery” video on our YouTube channel here.

FAIR Educator Webinar with Daryl Davis

On September 30th, FAIR Advisor Daryl Davis hosted an Educator Curriculum Webinar to introduce educators to our FAIRstory Curriculum principles, standards, lesson plans, and resources.

The FAIRstory Curriculum is a fact-based approach to teaching students about racism that’s honest about the failures and shortcomings of our American past and present while recognizing how the struggles and accomplishments of Americans continue to move us closer to our ideals. 

Watch the full webinar on our YouTube channel here.

NEW: Live In-Person Steven Pinker Book Event

FAIR is thrilled to present a live in-person book event with FAIR Advisor Steven Pinker. FAIR Advisor Melissa Chen will be talking with Professor Pinker about his new book—Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why It Mattersand exploring progress, reason, and scientific understanding in the 21st century. 

The event will take place on Wednesday, November 19th, from 7:00 to 9:00pm EST at the Italo American Educational Club, 75 Pleasant Street, Wellesley, MA.

There are only 150 spots available, and the first 50 registrants will be given a free copy of Pinker’s new book Rationality.

Register for the live event here.

NEW: Parental Rights Webinar

On Wednesday, November 17th from 8:00 to 9:30pm EST, join FAIR and a panel of experts as we discuss current parents’ rights issues in public and private schools.

Some of the questions that will be addressed are:

  • What rights do parents have when advocating for their children?

  • What can parents do to effect change in schools?

  • What happens when parents speak up? 

Panelists include former Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights and Deputy General Counsel in the US Department of Education Candice Jackson, co-founder and co-president of PLACE NYC Yiatin Chu, and president of Social Impact Strategies Mona Davids. The discussion will be moderated by FAIR Advisor and Vice-President of PLACE NYC Maud Maron.

For important information including how to register, go here.

NEW: Illiberalism There & Then and Here & Now

In recent years a new illiberalism has emerged in America. Since then, a number of thinkers and journalists have remarked on the similarities between this new American illiberalism and other intolerant systems. We have brought together four of them—Christian Watson, Izabella Tabarovsky, Sarah Haider, and Martin Gak—to reflect on their experience and/or understanding of Soviet and Chinese Communism, Argentinian Fascism, Radical Islam, and their parallels to current American trends.

Join the livestream TODAY, November 11th from 11:00am to 12:30pm EST, to explore the There & Then to help illuminate the Here & Now.

Get more information and register here, and watch it live on the Institute for Liberal Values YouTube or on Free Black Thought’s Twitter @FreeBlckThought.

FAIR Educator Alliance

Teachers often feel isolated and alone in their schools, but FAIR is here for you! We will be holding weekly informal “happy hours” to share experiences and concerns and work on developing resources just for teachers. We’ll also be holding more formal monthly meetings to address issues based on your needs and interests.

For more information, contact brian.kors@fairforall.org

Grassroots Training Workshops

Are you ready to be an effective advocate for pro-human values in your community? You know in your heart of hearts our common culture of fairness, understanding, and humanity requires you to be civically engaged and actively organizing and advocating in your community.

But how do you get started?

We’ve got you covered with the FAIR Grassroots Leader Training series.

Register now to learn practical tools for organizing your community, how to be a more effective advocate, and ways to create positive, bottom-up change in our culture and country. The sessions include:

Grassroots Leader Session 1 | Bottom-Up Organizing

Grassroots Leader Session 2 | Finding Your Place At FAIR

Grassroots Leader Session 3 | Organizing Your Organizing

Public Speaking Training | Keeping Your Audience Captivated

Register now for the next Grassroots Leader Training series.

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