1. I was sexyally assaulted in a school bathroom when I was 13, so no, I don't want to use the restroom with penises. I am a victim and a female, but my fears are laughed at at I'm called names for feeling this way.

2. What is wrong with male, female, and co-ed options? You just add a co-ed. Easy.

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Any civilization that fails to protect children is a civilization in the process of collapse. A civilization that celebrates the victimization of children as virtue is in a state of conflagration.

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It is appalling. I have heard multiple stories from across the UK of girls not drinking water during the day so they can avoid the mixed bathrooms where boys deliberately pee on the seats or try to look under the stall doors. No one is taking their concerns seriously.

If I have children I would seriously contemplate home schooling for the first time in my life. I am left wing and not religious and I have always thought home schooling was a bad idea, especially for the socialization of children. But now I am not sure I would trust any school not to indoctrinate my child and expose him/her to dubious practices.

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Just a quick clarification, as my kids attend the school in Loudoun County where the rape occurred (followed by an assault by the same perpetrator at a neighboring school). At the time of the rape, the transgender policy had not yet taken effect and so the perpetrator (a "gender fluid" male) was NOT supposed to be in the girl's bathroom. He had snuck in there against school rules. So the truth is a little different than sometimes conveyed. BUT, in my opinion, it still shows the inherent vulnerability that females have when in private spaces with males.

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It strikes me that we can fully respect the rights of transgender persons without simultaneously infringing on the rights of the vast majority. For one thing, a fully intact biological male is not a "transgender girl" unless one believes that biological sex is a mere social construct. Permitting intact biological males to invade the spaces of the opposite sex in the name of inclusivity is the triumph of ideology over common sense, human experience, and biological science.

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Gender is a construct. Sex is real. That’s all there is to it. Gender identity does not change ones sex. A boy who now identifies as a girl is still a boy. He has a penis and he doesn’t belong in the girls’ locker room. Give him his own tight and inconvenient tent to change in. This “solution” really blew my mind. Really? Do we devalue girls and women that much?

We’ve given ourselves permission to lie…why? In order to be kind? To whom? Certainly not to girls and women. Stop lying. Gender is a construct. Sex is real.

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The need for privacy and modesty in bathrooms is for both sexes. 'Shared' bathrooms in France that I have encountered have totally private stalls with floor to ceiling doors and solid walls. The sinks are in a shared space. North American bathrooms were never set up for true privacy or safety, they were built to be easy to clean.

Until that changes these norms should stay in place for everyone's *comfort and dignity.*

What's missing is the *consent* of everyone else who uses that facility.

These 'supports' for some are already deterrents to full participation in life and sport and society for others, and those others are mostly females. Until we get over the Cultural norm of wrecking female lives on the emotional whim of a single Male single sex bathrooms need to stay.

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Have a separate bathroom set aside from those who choose to use it, but same sex bathrooms must remain "as is". It's a hard won effort for women/girls, many of which previously suffered greatly and went to great lengths, fighting for our own space. It is not trivial to suggest they should now give it up, in the name of politics and out of touch legislation.

Parents need to fight for their kids. Pull them out of school if they will not listen to you. Bums in seats means $$ for the school, and they will respond accordingly. This is only a massive issue in North America...have we become so privileged that we can no longer understand the basics of humanity?

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Why are we supposed to pretend that these people do not have a mental disease? Like we are to pretend that the people living on the streets in LA and San Fran are not also sick? https://unherd.com/2023/04/is-trans-the-new-anorexia/

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Why not ask the transgirls to use the pop-up tents for changing? Why not require transgirls to apply for a card/badge like the disabled people have in order to use the parking spots reserved for the disabled?

Sometimes it seems that the goal of the trans movement is to provoke and push boundaries, rather than, together with the normal community, find practical and reasonable solutions/accommodations.

Sometimes it seems that the normals are too quick to roll over for the demands of the extremists.

What is most troubling and heartbreaking is that girls/women are being pushed out of their hard-won spaces by people who are essentially male. This is the exact opposite of progress.

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I want to register my disagreement with your reading of the Bostock decision.

As I read the majority opinion and its analysis, the court held that - on the basis of the Price Waterhouse decision which prohibited use of sex-based stereotypes in employment under Title VII, the employer-defendants in Bostock were deemed to have discriminated against the male plaintiffs in hiring/firing on the basis of sex-based stereotypes - that men ought to be heterosexual, and that they ought not act like women (especially with respect to dress). The opinion made clear that the parties stipulated the existence of two sexes: male and female, and cited Price Waterhouse in support of the holding; Price Waterhouse addressed sex-stereotypes of women in employment decision-making (in that case, advancement). Which means Bostock should properly be understood as a "reverse sex-discrimination" case - and was rightly decided. No one should be subject to sex-stereotypes in employment under Title VII. I hope that FAIR will not contribute amicus filings using any other analysis of the holding of a case which appears to sex-based reasoning to keep employment decisions free from sex-stereotypes - for both women and men.

With respect to gender identity ideology - I certainly hope FAIR (and FIRE) will do whatever it can to protect the rights of women (and men) to assemble publicly and to openly air their views about the matter without fear of censure or violence. As an advocate for the rights and welfare of women and children, I consider gender identity ideology a men's sexual rights movement that is abusing the medical establishment and legal system to further its own agenda.

The facts:

There are men in women's prison cells (and consequent rapes).

Sexual and other assault victims are being compelled testify in language other than their own language (to wit: preferred pronouns) in court.

There are women who cannot obtain legal representation in malpractice cases against surgeon's experimenting on their bodies with disastrous results.

Regressive sex stereotypes have become the standard by which childhood is regulated, and the ordinary challenges of puberty have been pathologized.

Parents are at risk of losing custody of their children for attempting to protect them from the social contagion of gender identity ideology.

Citizens run the risk of losing employment for registering their dissent publicly, if they can, before they are banned from social media platforms. Women are subjected to violence in public fora for protesting in defense of women and children.

It's about time we legal professionals stand up to stop this nonsense.

Leslie Sudock, Esq.


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That New York nursery school story does have my jaw on the floor, wow. For anyone interested in this topic, y’all might like my latest at the federalist - you need to start vetting your child’s doctor on this topic now, before they secretly put your kid on hormones and it’s too late…


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While agree that more attention should be paid to long-held norms, trying to make special accomodations for the miniscule # of trans has backfired in several cases. A case in St. John's County Florida dragged on for 5 years. No telling how many millions have been wasted, when the student in question could have just used a gender-neutral restroom. The fact is that the progressive culture warriors will not rest until existing norms are completely overturned. No half-measures. See article below.


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I just spent an hour arguing in the comments section of a Washington Post article written by a trans woman. She was saying that humans are not sexually dimorphic, but rather that sex/gender is "a world of different possibilities." All of these people tried to clobber me with unscientific arguments, ad hominems, and "Are you a biologist? Do you know any trans families?"as if that were relevant. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2023/05/01/transgender-biology-brain-science-freedom/

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This is society's 2+2=5 moment.

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I wonder do women who trans to men feel unsafe in men’s bathrooms? We don’t hear about it? The trans activists have become bullies and don’t appear to want to acknowledge how they make women uncomfortable and feel unsafe. They shame women for their intolerance but dismiss the women’s feelings. If we are told not to feel unsafe then why do they feel unsafe in men’s restrooms? Women have to be aware all the time around men in vulnerable locations. It is just a fact of being a woman. We can’t confuse young girls so they become vulnerable just to appease a person who puts on woman’s face!

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